The Universe heard me?

Sometimes things do start to fall into place if you ask and listen carefully enough.

I met a wonderful illustrator who wants to work with me on two of my stories.  I am so excited about it because he loves the same authors and illustrators that I do and he wants to create the same sort of books that I want to.  It is just such a great match.  His art is whimsical and wild and he cares about representing all kinds of children in books, brown, green and purple.  He cares about the quality of the words in the story and the play of art mixed with words.

My imagination is running away with me, thinking about all the book magic we could create!

This all happened because when the Estate Agent, who was showing me flats to rent, asked me my occupation, for the first time in my whole life, something told me to say, “I am a writer.  I write children’s stories.”

The Estate Agent, who I will call Danny, got quite interested in what I was saying and mentioned that he had a friend of a friend who was trying to get into illustration and would I mind looking at his portfolio.  Would I mind?  Would I mind?  Errrrr.

I would love to, I said.

And he was awesome.

And all because I just put it out there, I was sent what I needed.

“When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”  Paulo Coelho



10 thoughts on “The Universe heard me?

  1. Fabulous! These serendipitous things only happen when we have the courage to tell the Universe who we really are and what we really need. I hope this is the start of a fruitful creative collaboration!

  2. Brilliant Shireen, I hope to hear more on how it’s going for you. Good on you for just going for it, getting your untidy thoughts down, having faith in yourself and thus finding this match. I need to take you as an example for my own unwritten projects that have been knocking around for some number of years…

    • Thanks Tanya! Its a an exciting time…I am feeling nervous, but pumped! Even if it doesn’t work out, the part where I put it all out there is a big step for me! Hope all is well with you too! x

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