A date with myself.

ImageWhat a wonderful way to spend an afternoon.  Some oil pastels, butterfly shaped card, glitter, leaves and feathers…….oh, and a cup of green tea.

Artist’s dates came into my life this year (that story another day…) and they have really changed the way I think about creating.

I used to really get down on myself for not having something to write or getting on with this storybook that I wanted to do.  And then I used to sit and think and think and think about why I couldn’t trust in my own writing, even though I had so much that wanted to come out.

Julia Cameron’s Artist’s Way course suggests going on a creative, playful date each week with just yourself.  The idea is that if we let our minds wander and play, creativity is set free.

Sometimes we do a gallery, sometimes a walk through a pile of leaves, sometimes a good rummage in a charity shop for beautiful, forgotten things, and sometimes, like today, it involves glitter glue and sequins!  Although I can’t do it every week, and more often than not, I do it with my Little Bee, it always leaves me feeling calmer and happier and ready to play with words.  


13 thoughts on “A date with myself.

  1. parents have forgotten how to play and I am glad you have discovered it through your little bumble bee. one way of liberating your inner child!!

    • Thanks for your comment! I feel that we did take a lot of time to play, do art, visit galleries, sit and people watch etc before having a kid and we did this without thinking or planning. After having a kid, there was not much time for that unless we actively planned it in. I like to think that I am sharing my love of art and crafts and glitter with her as much as she is sharing her gifts with me, and that taking the time for myself, ultimately shows her that we all are valuable. x

    • we try and live our lives by this idea. children are so perceptive and i am sure that they only benefit from parents who take time to recharge and feel good about themselves. now, i just have to remember to take the time and do it!! happy day, tanya! x

  2. I haven’t labeled our dates as ‘Artist Dates” but coming to think about it, that’s what they are…More often I do them with my children, not by myself, but that works perfectly for me – all the questions that children ask that you’d never think to ask and their excitement is contagious!

    • Yes, I agree! Seeing art through the eyes of your kids is an experience.i really love art making with my little girl. Thank you for stopping and for your comment x

  3. I love The Artist’s Way, which I’m assuming from your posts that you also try to follow. The Artist’s date is my favorite part! I’m terrible at Morning pages…It’s fun to read about your experiences with something I enjoy, as well. Good luck with your new venture with the illustrator. 🙂

    • i know! morning pages are so hard! but i know that the days that i do them, my head feels clear and sorted. now i just have to commit to getting up that half hour early! thanks for stopping by x

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