Getting it all down!

I have had an idea for a story to write.  Actually two different ideas.

Now why am I so afraid to open a document or a notebook and write something down?  It seems so huge.  A mountain I just can’t get a foothold on.  I know I need to take little baby steps.  Maybe plan a character, sketch out a story map.  This time it isn’t like a blog post where I can sort of ramble on, it just feels too official.  This is how I felt when I started my dissertation….but by supervisor helped me break it down into smaller steps and then checked to see if I was doing them.  It worked for me.  Someone checking in to see what I was up to and kicking my butt when they thought my writing needed it.  Maybe it is deadlines that I need. Oh and someone to kick my butt.  Still working on that one.

Dwritewords has suggested that I do Camp Nanowrimo….(thank you for sharing that!) and I think I will.  Deadlines may work for me.  Now that I have some ideas about what I want to write about, I could make it happen by the end of the month.  I will have to admis that t won’t be perfect and it might even suck, but I will never get better at writing if I just keep thinking about it and never doing it!

Off to fill out my profile!  Yet another way to procrastinate “real”writing!  Tee hee hee.


4 thoughts on “Getting it all down!

  1. As usual, your posts are fab! I may have to try the website! Keep writing! Thanks for sharing… 🙂

  2. You can do it, Shireen!

    Just write down what you have for both ideas, decide which one appeals to you the most, and go for it! Nanos are great for helping us to see it’s fine to write bad first draft, the time pressure makes it impossible to think too much about what we are writing. But don’t let the word count become another stick to beat yourself with. Write what you can, but if your word count slips behind no worries, as long as you write something every day.

    Says me, who very much needs to take my own advice!

    • Ah! Great advice, thanks! You are right – the nanowrimo is a great way for getting down words without worrying if it is perfect – a good exercise for me!

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